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Do you want see your family happy and thriving? Do you need help with getting to grips with your child’s challenging behaviour? Do you feel overwhelmed, unsure or stuck? You’ve come to the right place. 

I’ll help you get the most out of your parenting journey. 

I want to encourage, empower and equip you.

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What I will help you do is…

Strengthen your bond with your child

The secret to joyful parenting and raising happy kids is strong bonds between parents and children. Without that connection children don’t grow up feeling secure and loved. I will help you understand your child’s unique temperament so that you can connect with him/her and build a strong relationship.


Build your child’s brain

What if I told you that YOU have the power to change the architecture of your child’s brain? Every interaction you have with your child, every environment that your child is exposed to and every activity has the power to build your child’s brain.


Reduce and eliminate challenging behaviour

Behaviour is communication. But what if you don’t understand what your child is saying or why he or she is behaving in a certain way? I will help you make sense of your child’s behaviour and give you the tools to manage challenging behaviour.

What other parents are saying…

Sciencebased and parenttested

Lizanne has a unique way of making complex concepts and terminology accessible for parents, teachers and other professionals alike. For the first time I understand my child, the importance of sensory processing and how to promote self-regulation in my child.

Kim, mother of two.

A great partnershipfull of honesty and integrity

What I’ve appreciated most about Lizanne is her honesty and integrity. Worried parents can sometimes feel vulnerable. Lizanne is someone you can trust to always have your child and your family’s best interests at heart. 

She has also felt like a true partner.We benefited hugely from having an OT, parenting expert and mum as a sounding board, ready to offer carefully considered advice on the challenges we were facing. At all times we have felt lucky to have ‘Tannie Lizanne’ in our corner!

Eimer Costigan

An Occupational Therapist…and a mom

Lizanne du Plessis dedicates her practice to helping parents transform their relationship with their children. She’s seen thousands of families, so she give you hands-on, parent-proven strategies that are guaranteed to shift the dynamic in your home for the better. And she’s also a mom, so she understands how hard it is – and how to make it easier.

Xandria Louw – Counselling Psychologist

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