Hi! I am so glad you are here.

My favourite drink is a hot cup of strong sugarless teaso why not grab yours I tell you more about myself and my mission.(My professional biography is below, for those who are interested.) You love your child or if you have more than one, your children. But sometimes liking our children and what they do is hard. I’m sure you would like to see your child happy, healthy and reaching their Godgiven potential. But getting to that point from where you are now, seems overwhelming.

That’s okay. I’ve been there too. Many times. But today I’m here to tell you that I’ll help you.I’m the wife of Marius and mum of two gorgeous teenage girls, Lize and Cara. I’m passionate about living a life that is filled with intention and whole hearted joy. 

My personal parenting journey includes years of infertility treatment, having a premature baby and living in nine rental properties in three countries over thirteen years. I know how hard parenting can be and am not afraid to share the hardships, the challenges, the messiness and the delights of being a mum.

I’m also trained occupational therapist with many years of experience in the field of sensory processing. I love watching kids and am fascinated by what they do and can’t help but wonder why they do the things they do.Little bodies and little brains captivates me. I have a special interest in the highly sensitive child, the introvert and the ones who seems to worry a lot. So that is why I’m here. I am here to support you and take the guesswork out of parenting.

My goal is to share my experiences as a mum, combine it with my professional knowledge and provide the insights, skills, tools and solutions necessary for the challenges that you might face on your own parenting journey. I’ve worked with thousands of kids and met hundreds of mums who have fired me up for my mission: Tencourage, empower and equip parents to intentionally pursue being joyful and raise happy kidsTogether, we’ll do this awesome thing called being an intentional parentYou can do this, I know you can!

Things I love

  • Dressing a table for any occasion (what makesme happy is a tablecloth, some flowers andcandlesand let’s not forget the glass of wineorG&Twith some ice!)
  • Camping (with a table, table cloth andflowers!), spending time around a campfireand watching the sunset.
  • Walking or trail running (bring me a mountain,the sea, a forest of even a dirt road). There isnothing quite like some time in nature toregulate me.
  • Crochet (or should I say looking atbeautifulcreations on Pinterest and longing for the timeto try it out!)
  • Paging through home interior magazines(although I know that my house will never looklike those on the photos!)

Professional Biography

Lizanne du Plessis received her Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy with distinction and completed postgraduate training in Ayres Sensory Integration, DIR Floor time model and Therapeutic Listening. She has worked for over 25 years, both in the private sector in London (UK) and in South Africa, and has a special interest in treating fussy infants and toddlers with sensory processing disorders. She has an affinity for the highly sensitive child, the introvertthe ones who seems to worry a lot and their moms. Lizanne runs a private practise in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Lizanne feels passionate about empowering parents and her work has enabled thousands of parents and professionals to discover and understand their child’s true naturesupport their development, manage daily challenges and build strong relationships.

She is the author of “Raising Happy Children: The Key to a Calm, Connected Child” as well as “Speelspeel word jou kind so slim en oulik”. Lizanne has extensive experience in presenting workshops, seminars and lectures for professionals, teachers and parents on the subject of sensory processing and parenting and contributes regularly to professional publication sand magazines. She serves on the expert panels of Baba & Kleuter magazine and Finesse and is a regular guest on various parenting radio shows (RSG and Radio Tygerberg) as well as Television (Espresso and Groot FM).

Lizanne enjoys spending time with her husband, her two girls and their golden retriever. She also loves reading, camping, hiking and trail running.