Tis’ the Season to be Jolly

Lizanne du Plessis BLOG

What a year!  Honestly this has been a significant one. A year in which BIG things happened. All wrapped in God’s grace.

My dream of becoming a published author materialized with my book Raising Happy Children appearing on the shelves in June. That was scary but awesome!

And then this blog went live. With a goal to find 10 000 mums who are intentionally pursuing being a joyful mum while raising happy kids. I’ve yet to reach my goal, but what do they say – it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. Interacting with other awesome mama’s out there has been fulfilling, thought proving and a true blessing.

There was also my first ever 4-day adventure trail run over mountains in South Africa with my lovely sister-in-law. Teeth clenching and exhilarating, much like mama-hood.

But by far the biggest, most significant and rather challenging event of this year, was our move. Not just down the street. No, a relocation back to our roots in South Africa after 11 years of staying abroad. We felt and still at times feel lonely, loved, scared, excited, tired and thankful all at once.  We overestimated and underestimated. It makes me think: Are there any gold medals up for grabs? ‘Cause this family deserves four as we celebrate being vulnerable, brave and courageous.

For those of you, all you awesome intentional mamas, who signed up to receive weekly newsletters and blog posts….only to receive nothing….THANK YOU! Thank you for your patience and understanding and support. Thank you for hanging on.  With the book and blog being published in the same month as our relocation, I soon realized that something had to give. I needed to unplug, and just be. Be there for my kids, my husband and me.

But I have exciting plans for 2015. And I’d love to you to join me. Some of the things we’ll talk about in the New Year is:

  • Tips and tricks to kick start 2015 –  how to make this year count and I might share my new year’s resolutions like ruthlessly reducing rushing, sticking to screen-free-Sundays and lots more.
  • Change – why’s it’s hard, why it’s good and ways to support our kids through change.
  • Sensible Screen time – the when, what, how and what not to’s (all explained, discussed and argued according to current research)

We’ll chat all mummy things – the good, the bad and the ugly. How to look for and embrace the grace that only God gives. How to raise happy kids, even if those kicking-screaming-lose-it-all kids don’t look or sound happy. How to be joyful even when you feel frustrated, tired and empty. With lots of fun activities and games to do while on the run or at home.

But for now – I’m going to do what I believe lies slap-bang in the middle of God’s will – invest in time with my love ones.

My wish is a God-filled Christmas where we are able to pause and remember the real reason for the season.

I’m looking forward to 2015. Hope you are too!


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