When brave leaves the house

...and you have to find the courage to get it back again

I’m in the middle of preparing for my talks at the Baby Sense Seminars this coming August. It’s titled: Toolkit for Brave Moms. But to be honest, this brave mama doesn’t feel that brave at the moment. It’s been almost a year since our big move from the UK to South Africa, and while we […]


Two Super Easy Ways to Strengthen Family Relationships

Push away the awkwardness and deepen the connection

My husband travels a lot. When he’s away we speak daily through Skype or FaceTime. He’s part of our dinner conversations, although through a screen. It’s great when he gets back and we’re delighted that he’s safe and back at our nest. But there’s no shying away from it. There’s always that slight tension between […]

Two Super Easy Ways to Strengthen Family Relationships. Blog post Lizanne du Plessis. Intentional parenting.

I did it!

I took baby steps towards hosting fuss-free children parties.

Last weekend I did something I haven’t done before. Although I’ve wanted to do it for years. I gave up the idea to have a perfect children’s party. I managed to let go! I’m so chuffed with myself! But I’m also quite sad. Because I knew years ago that all kids really want on their […]

Fuss free birthday parties. Lizanne du Plessis. Intentional parenting.

Tis’ the Season to be Jolly

What a year!  Honestly this has been a significant one. A year in which BIG things happened. All wrapped in God’s grace. My dream of becoming a published author materialized with my book Raising Happy Children appearing on the shelves in June. That was scary but awesome! And then this blog went live. With a […]

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