“Deel 2: Hoe om ‘n sensitiewe en teruggetrokke kind te hanteer”
by Groeipyne met Johan van Lill

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Deel 2 van hoe gemaak met ‘n uiters sensitiewe en teruggetrokke kind. Luister na Lizanne du Plessis, se Groeipyne potgooi met RSG se Johan van Lill vir professionele raad en gepaste wenke.

Why Sibling Rivalry Will Never Be Seen As Normal In My House

Sibling rivalry is the word we use to describe the fighting, arguing and bickering between siblings. Seldom a week goes by without my girls having a disagreement, squabble or a bickering incident. I can do disagreement and perhaps even an argument (often over those little everyday insignificant stuff), but when it gets ugly and results […]

April 2016

What I’ve learned at the Baby Sense Seminars

The Seven Truths of Parenthood

Why I love the Baby Sense Seminars August was a busy month for me and my family. Baby Sense (one of South Africa’s leading baby brands) together with Johnson’s hosted four seminars across South Africa. The rooms were filled with hundreds of pregnant moms, sleep-deprived parents and grandparents who came to get tips on the […]

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When brave leaves the house

...and you have to find the courage to get it back again

I’m in the middle of preparing for my talks at the Baby Sense Seminars this coming August. It’s titled: Toolkit for Brave Moms. But to be honest, this brave mama doesn’t feel that brave at the moment. It’s been almost a year since our big move from the UK to South Africa, and while we […]


Two Super Easy Ways to Strengthen Family Relationships

Push away the awkwardness and deepen the connection

My husband travels a lot. When he’s away we speak daily through Skype or FaceTime. He’s part of our dinner conversations, although through a screen. It’s great when he gets back and we’re delighted that he’s safe and back at our nest. But there’s no shying away from it. There’s always that slight tension between […]

Two Super Easy Ways to Strengthen Family Relationships. Blog post Lizanne du Plessis. Intentional parenting.

When Three Becomes Four (or Five or Six…)

6 Ways to Nurture Sibling Relationships 

It’s been an exciting few weeks with the arrival of the eighth cousin in our family – my sister’s second child. God has been all over this pregnancy and it is with a deep sense of gratitude and great joy that we welcome little Stephen Louis! If you’d like to meet this gorgeous little boy,  […]


The seasons of a mother’s life

Say ‘no’ to exhaustion and ‘yes’ to a balanced life.

From my new article on BabySense BLOG: … I saw that I wasn’t the only one suffering from this illness called exhaustion. I saw nothing of the world that I see on Facebook – a world where everything is perfect, filled with beautiful scenery and postcard smiles… The reality was hundreds, if not thousands, of […]

The Power of Appreciation

Teaching our kids to show love, gratitude and appreciation.

I hear the clatter of a tea cup and the toast popping. I’m writing this post from my bed where I was summoned to stay.  It’s Mother’s Day! I take a deep breath. Am I really a mother? Some days I have to stop and remind myself that I’m not 20 anymore. I can sort […]

Lizanne du Plessis blog

Tis’ the Season to be Jolly

What a year!  Honestly this has been a significant one. A year in which BIG things happened. All wrapped in God’s grace. My dream of becoming a published author materialized with my book Raising Happy Children appearing on the shelves in June. That was scary but awesome! And then this blog went live. With a […]

Lizanne du Plessis BLOG

Why we need to answer our children’s questions.

She asks at that mini crises moment – the last few minutes before we leave for school. Book bags, PE kits, swimming kits, water bottles, lunch bottles, school projects, car keys, phone, house keys, coats, hats, scarves, gloves. “Mum, why do we have to go to school?” My brain was frazzled and all I wanted […]

Why we need to answer our children’s questions. Blog post by Lizanne du Plessis. Intentional Parenting.