Raising Happy Children

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, exhausted and disillusioned as a parent?  Have you ever experienced self-doubt and uncertainty when attempting to steer your way along this parenthood journey?

I have.

Not once. Not twice. Lots of times!

Somewhere amid the mundane tasks of packing the dishwasher, folding laundry, picking up toys, fitting work in and thinking of yet another way to serve chicken, it struck me. The only way to be the mum I long to be is to embrace vulnerability and give up my quest for perfectionism. Being a mother is hard and can be terrifying at times, but it is oh so beautiful and fulfilling.

So I made a decision.

The only thing that really matters is to be a joyful mum while raising kids who are happy. And that’s it. That will be the thing that I will be intentional about.

And then I wrote a book.

My book Raising Happy Children will help you understand three critical foundamentals when it comes to raising happy kids:

  1. Our children’s brains develop when we build a deep, meaningful connection with them;
  2. Our children have unique sensory temperaments and these affects the way they think, feel and behave;
  3. Our children will be happy, calm and connected when they learn how to regulate their bodies, manage overwhelming feelings and develop their thinking skills.


Raising Happy Children will help you UNDERSTAND

  • What is going on inside your child’s body and brain;
  • Why your child needs to move;
  • Why your child has meltdowns and temper tantrums;
  • What causes fears and anxieties;
  • How stress affects your child’s brain.

My book Raising Happy Children is filled with helpful analogies and loads of practical solutions.


Raising Happy Children will help you LEARN

  • What types of movements will result in a happy, calm and connected child;
  • How you can help your child when she is learning ways to manage big feelings;
  • How activating your child’s thinking brain will set him up for success for the rest of his life;
  • How to deal with meltdowns in a way that builds his brain;
  • How to put nurturing rituals and flexible routines in place;
  • How to set boundaries on unacceptable behaviour;
  • How to manage your child’s fears and anxieties;
  • How to be a joyful parent.


This is not just another parenting book.

This is not a one-size-fits-all type of book. 
It’s a specific-to-your-unique-child type of book.

This is not a book that will make you feel that you are failing the test of motherhood. 
It’s a book that will leave you feeling inspired and give you the courage to face the challenging times.

This is not just a read-all-in-one-go book. 
It’s a dip-in-and-out book to which you will refer for years to come.

This is not only a book that gives meaning to theories and concepts. 
It’s also packed with straightforward solutions and fun filled ideas.

This is a book that will change the way you look at yourself,
your child and relationships.



“In this book Lizanne succeeds being both vulnerable and helpful. The insights she shares throughout the book gave me permission to be the parent I’ve always wanted to be. I now know who my child really is and feel more equipped to manage challenging behaviour we might face in the future.” Tamzyn, Mother of Jack

Meet Lizanne


Family photo Dec 2013Lizanne du Plessis is a child of God, wife, mum of two beautiful girls, occupational therapist, author and speaker.  Lizanne’s story include years of infertility treatment, the unexpected delivery of a premature girl, having her second girl in a foreign country and living in nine rental properties in three countries over thirteen years. As an experienced occupational therapist with a special interest in the identification and treatment of children with sensory processing disorders, she presents workshops for parents, teachers and professionals and contributes to professional publications and magazines.  Lizanne feels passionate about encouraging mums and writes about her mission of being a joyful mum and raising happy kids at lizanneduplessis.com.