I did it!

I took baby steps towards hosting fuss-free children parties.

Last weekend I did something I haven’t done before. Although I’ve wanted to do it for years. I gave up the idea to have a perfect children’s party. I managed to let go! I’m so chuffed with myself! But I’m also quite sad. Because I knew years ago that all kids really want on their […]

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When Three Becomes Four (or Five or Six…)

6 Ways to Nurture Sibling Relationships 

It’s been an exciting few weeks with the arrival of the eighth cousin in our family – my sister’s second child. God has been all over this pregnancy and it is with a deep sense of gratitude and great joy that we welcome little Stephen Louis! If you’d like to meet this gorgeous little boy,  […]


Uit Baba & Kleuter se Vraag & Antwoord…

VRAAG: My babatjie is nou agt maande en het pas begin kruip. Ek wou ’n loopring koop, maar is deur ’n familielid afgeraai. Sal ’n loopring my baba nie help om te leer loop nie? Is loopringe dan sleg vir babas? Watter ander oefeninge kan ek met haar doen om loop aan te moedig?

V&A Baba&Kleuter artikel Feb 2015

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Appearance: Loopring of nie?
Outlet: Baba & Kleuter Tydskrif
Location: South Africa
Format: Magazine

Uit Baba & Kleuter se Vraag & Antwoord…

VRAAG: My elf maande oue seuntjie stel glad nie in sy speelgoed belang nie. Hy pak al wat ’n kas is uit, maar bly ook nie lank by een kas nie. Hoe kry ek hom om te speel en sy aandag by een ding te bepaal? 

V&A Baba&Kleuter artikel April 2015

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Appearance: Baba & Kleuter V&A. Speelgoed trek nie aandag.
Outlet: Baba & Kleuter Tydskrif
Location: South Africa
Format: Magazine

The seasons of a mother’s life

Say ‘no’ to exhaustion and ‘yes’ to a balanced life.

From my new article on BabySense BLOG: … I saw that I wasn’t the only one suffering from this illness called exhaustion. I saw nothing of the world that I see on Facebook – a world where everything is perfect, filled with beautiful scenery and postcard smiles… The reality was hundreds, if not thousands, of […]

The Power of Appreciation

Teaching our kids to show love, gratitude and appreciation.

I hear the clatter of a tea cup and the toast popping. I’m writing this post from my bed where I was summoned to stay.  It’s Mother’s Day! I take a deep breath. Am I really a mother? Some days I have to stop and remind myself that I’m not 20 anymore. I can sort […]

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Tis’ the Season to be Jolly

What a year!  Honestly this has been a significant one. A year in which BIG things happened. All wrapped in God’s grace. My dream of becoming a published author materialized with my book Raising Happy Children appearing on the shelves in June. That was scary but awesome! And then this blog went live. With a […]

Lizanne du Plessis BLOG

Lizanne du Plessis featured in YOU magazine

WHILE we expect children to sit still when learning, too much sitting – in cars and in front of computer and TV screens – can be harmful for kids. Our bodies need to move – and that goes for young and old.

“We live in a culture where it’s still thought children should ‘sit quietly’ when learning. But research has shown time and again that children who move learn beter and are happier,” says Lizanne du Plessis, a Cape Town occupational therapist and author of Raising Happy Children. The mom of two has advice for Super-Moms on how to get their kids moving….Read more

Date: October 31, 2014
Appearance: Move it!
Outlet: See article in YOU magazine
Format: Magazine

More about how to get your kids moving in 'Raising Happy Children' by Lizanne du Plessis. R153 Kalahari.com