10 Phrases our kids need to hear.


10 Phrases our kids need to hear.

There are times, in between the busyness, that I need a wakeup call. And God knows how to give it to me. It doesn’t come as soft whispers and nudges. It comes as a big thud that hits me in the stomach – boof!

Not long ago I received a gift and was told “It is fragile. Handle with care”. It was beautifully wrapped and I meticulously undid the bow and paper. Inside was a box with a glass teapot, just like the one I’ve always wanted. But looking closely, I saw small, fragile pieces of glass that filled the bottom of the box. It was broken.

“Above all else guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23

That fragile heart that was given to us as a gift.

Perhaps I was spending so much time wrapping everything in my life beautifully.  Perhaps I forgot about the fragile hearts that lies inside. It was time to out-balance the coaching, that often leads to nagging, with tender, encouraging and affirming words. I sat down and asked God what I should be saying to the fragile little hearts that lived close to my heart.

I’m sharing my list with you. Perhaps your tender little hearts need to hear these words more often too.


Afrikaans:  10 Sinne

English:  10 Phrases



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